Sakata, Yamagata

Once again another overcast and cloudy day in Japan as we decided to make our way to the famous jellyfish (海月 – クラゲ) aquarium Kamo Aquarium (加茂水族館), which all the Niigata people had been telling us is amazing. I’m (Ross) not usually one for museums, zoos, etc, but I don’t mind myself a good aquarium and this one was top notch. Although many of the displays are not in English, the animals provide more than enough interest and amusement. Especially once you enter Jellyfish Fields.

There are many other displays but the highlights are definitely the jellyfish and the sea lion show. You can also buy some ice cream from the shop that contains jellyfish inside! (Although I couldn’t taste any through the delicious tiramisu flavour). For only roughly $3 it was worth the novelty.

Eventually rolling into Sakata we found refuge at the local internet cafe, similar to the ones in Gunma, however this one also had free AYCE (all you can eat) ice cream. Carl, too scared to face defeat again, refused to play darts or billiards and left a day earlier than I. After talking to a nice lady at the local sushi train, we found out that there was an annual Sakata festival starting the next day, so naturally I stayed around for it. Although the weather was mediocre at best, and I copped more than my fair share of stares for being the only foreigner in town, it was a great experience and I even managed to find a Japanese WWE match and met the Japanese Batista.

There was a parade and plenty of food markets selling buttered potatoes, okonomiyaki, oden and others foods too.

Besides the festival I spent most of my time writing the Super Dragon Ball Heroes blog post, watching One Piece and eating ice cream.


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