Road to Oshamanbe, Hokkaido

Today starts another 100+ km day from Hakodate to a small camping ground / park in Oshamanbe of Hokkaido’s south. After getting more than a little distracted at a second hand shop…

I was on my way passing through a few more Bob Ross paintings.

The roads were relatively empty and pleasant, however there was a foul stench of the day’s catch from along the coast. This area is actually very famous for crab and further north scallops. The only thing holding me back were the hurricane winds. I pedalled for hours trying to cut through and finally arrived in Oshamanbe. After shamelessly eating some tuna sangas and bananas in front of the onsen I was planning on showering in, I went in to find the world’s hottest onsen, nothing below 42 degrees and I was on fire.

Which was good because once the sun sets at this time of year the temperature plummets. After roughly 40 minutes in the onsen and darkness had well and truly set in, I made my way to the nearby campsite for some well deserved rest.


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