Mount Usu, Hokkaido

All of these items were on my to do list before making it to Sapporo, so I stretched them out over 3 beautiful days as the weather for once was on my side. Even the wind was somewhat behind me. I set up camp for 2 nights on a small hill overlooking the sea. It was a free sight so the lawn was overgrown and the toilets were holes, but the views and sunsets were spectacular.

Arriving around midday and tucking into some tuna sangas and a power stick (banana), I looked up and did a 360 and saw a spectacular mountain not too far away. After a quick Google I was on my way with a vague trailhead in sight. I VERY HIGHLY recommend doing this hike if you are ever in the area. You can find the exact route map from my Strava:

Words won’t do the views justice.

A great vantage point for Mount Yotei too.

And if a 60-odd km bike ride and a few hundred metre uphill climb doesn’t satisfy your outdoor adventure needs, then there is a 600 stair challenge to do. This leg is also on Strava and I sought to beat the 6m record at the time, AND DID but the bloody route didn’t pick up that I did it for some reason. Either way, time to beat 5m 48s.

I actually planned to grab some ramen on my way to the campsite from a Space Ramen Shop, unfortunately they had run out of broth, so I ended up with another tuna sanga, some peanuts and an amazing sunset.


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