Back to Tomakomai, Hokkaido

I had earned myself a rest day, so did some laundry, went to an all you can eat (Big Boy / Victoria Steak) and then headed to the local park to camp the night and do some minor maintenance on the beast.

The park was called Kamui Park, hence the Naruto reference below.

I had decided that my current setup was not very effective for weight distribution as my back tire was very worn compared to the front, also that using hockey straps to tie down things all the time is very time consuming. So I bought 2 more panniers (Ortleib City back rollers) for the front (yes they still fit on the front even though they are for the back. Why? Cheaper and bigger capacity. Why red? No white in stock). Problem was I had nowhere to send them. So I booked a hostel in Chitose (between Sapporo and Tomakomai) and sent them there. What foresight. So on my way there and to give the delivery man some time I went back to Sapporo where Kazu kindly allowed me to stay for another 2 nights due to the terrible rainy weather.

Because it was raining the whole time…

なんてね。Because it was raining I thought I’d fulfil my blood donor role of trying to hit 100 donations and put number 37 through at Sapporo. The registration took a lot longer than planned because they couldn’t believe I didn’t have an address on my Visa card even though I had been in Japan for months. It was also very difficult because I didn’t know the Japanese for Hepatitis (A/B/C 型肝炎) or other difficult words. But I guessed my way through and they took my dirty foreigner blood.

Oh, to ensure I could answer the question I knew would come up ‘have you eaten within the last few hours’ I went to an amazing Nepalese restaurant for lunch and of course grabbed the all you can eat options (食べ放題) where I ate all 5 types of naan and 5 curries.

I gifted Kazu with another Pikachu piece of cutlery to complete his set for allowing me to stay another 2 nights. Legend.

The ride to Tomakomai was probably the wettest ride yet. I arrived at the hostel so wet that before I even checked in, the hostel lady told me to get in the shower then we could sort it out later. I met an awesome Australian dude in the hostel called Ian, he was just starting a cycle tour in Hokkaido. A very delayed one due to the weather, so instead of 2 weeks it was going to just be 1 week. Hope he’s doing well.


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