Tashiro Island (田代島) – Cat Island, Iwate

Tashiro Island is a small isolated island located northeast of Sendai. Many cats live there giving it the nickname “Cat Island.” You catch a ferry there from this location. The ferries are not very regular, so pay attention to the schedules unless you want to stay overnight.

Ferry schedule as at 26/06/2018

To Catisland

From Catisland

As expected there are heaps of cats. Most of them seem friendly although I avoided all of the ones with obvious battle scars. I saw about this many cats, but if you google it apparently there are heaps more. It was raining when I went (standard) so I guess they weren’t so keen to come out.


I recommend going up to the cat shrine. You’ll find a fluffy, friendly, white cat. He was my favourite.



After praying to the cat gods, I figured I’d go for a stroll around the island to see what else it had to offer. Besides spider webs and a lot of overgrown green stuff, there wasn’t much. Not being a massive cat fanatic like the other weirdos who boarded the ferry, I was back at the port waiting for the 2:12pm ferry back to the mainland. (Don’t be late, they barely even dock so you don’t have much time to board).


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