Couch Surfing in Sendai, Miyagi

I made my way from cat island towards the largest (i think?) city in Northern Honshu, Sendai. I had arranged to stay with a few amazing and accommodating couch surfers.

I turned up at Jakub’s house who said he left the keys for me and to ‘make myself at home’ until he returned. So I waltzed in dropped my gear, then quickly went to the local conbini to grab some drinks to ‘settle in’ for the night. We had a quiet night telling tales over a few beers.

The next morning Jakub went to work while I relaxed after some heavy riding through Iwate over the last week. I did the usual chores and got a haircut.






I also cooked up some food for myself – there’s really something satisfying about knowing what is in your food sometimes. Especially after eating so much convenience store junk food. So I made some curry pasta.

Jakub returned home after school and we cracked a few more beers and had an epic nostalgic music session. Remembering ‘the good ol days’ where we wore black band shirts, tight skinny jeans, straightened hair, etc. But the real enjoyment came from the music: Asking Alexandria, BFMV, As I Lay Dying, Parkway Drive, Silverstein, etc.

‘OOHH the bullet’s gone, I take this spade and slit your throat’. Man, good stuff.

Hahaha I just remembered my old sad song

It also looks like I left an impact looking at his CS review.


After a few solid hours of music we went to the local food joint where they focus on quantity and not so much quality. My kind of restaurant.


After we were thoroughly full, we went to the pub to watch the Australia vs… (can’t even remember) soccer game. Jakub’s mates were obviously excited.


When we returned Jakub said he needed to fit in some Kanji study before sleeping. We all know how well that goes… Good luck for JLPT mate!





The next morning we sadly said our goodbyes as Jakub went to work and I went to explore Sendai waiting for my next couch surfer to finish experiments. Jowesh is a legend who can make ice cream better than Messina, no joke. Even taught me the recipe which I’ll be putting into practice once I return.


When in Sendai, eat beef tongue (牛タン). So we went to an all you can eat yakiniku spot. It was alright, not my best beef tongue. But always delicious.





The next morning Jowesh, a man of many talents, took some semi-professional photos of me with the bike.






From reading his review it seems my trip has inspired him and he also wants to do something crazy / stupid. All the best to you mate. It ain’t easy!


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