Fukushima Prefecture Part 1

I started my trip further south into Fukushima Prefecture. No, it’s not dangerous. Yes, I stayed clear of the Daiichi Powerplant (mainly because there were a bunch of mountains in the way…). I went south and headed for a hike up Mount Ryozen (霊山). I was streaming the Fiji v PNG Rugby League match as I was cycling, but as soon as I hit the mountains the reception cut-out for the next 24 hours so I missed who won… Apparently PNG smashed them.


On the way I saw a monster caterpillar.


I arrived late at the campsite and the office had already closed, so I saw the entrance fee of $4 and thought, yeah sure I’ll camp here for the night. The next morning I set off for my hike: Ryozen Mountain (靈山). It was a relatively easy hike, but had some amazing views.

Strava link: https://www.strava.com/activities/1660279012



When I finally went to leave the park, they told me that the $4 was just the entrance fee, and that camping was an extra $20. Wtffff. So I (kindly) told them that I didn’t know the camping fee was so high, and IF I had known I would’ve slept on the side of the road (like normal). She eventually gave in and said she’d let me off with just the $4 entry fee as there were no signs saying otherwise. Win.


On the way to Abukumado (Abukuma Lime Stone Caves) I encountered a bunch of random superhero statues.


And some monsters too.


Another campsite I was heading to was up a great hill Sendaihira (仙台平), only 850m, no biggy. Having luck with all the sites so far, I figured I could drink all my water now as there’s DEFINITELY water at the campsite up the top. Just my luck there wasn’t and I had no instant food. So I begrudgingly made my way the extra 50m up the top of this hill that is famous for paragliding and watched the sunset before heading down to the local onsen for some water and a bath.


Sleepy time.


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