Chiba Coast and Mount Nokogiri (鋸山), Chiba

The temperature and humidity have definitely picked up over the last week as I head further south. Roughly 28 degrees and 80% so it’s hard to ever feel dry when you’re on or off the bike.

Riding along the coast, I was hoping to find something with a few waves. Towards the end of my coastal ride I decided to jump in. The water was pretty chilly, confirmed by everyone else being in wetsuits. There weren’t really any waves so I wasn’t in there for very long.

I battled on through some mountain ranges to arrive at my sleeping destination: a random stop, revive, survive kind of place. They’re quite common and have toilets, powerpoints (sometimes), vending machines etc. They’re called Michi no Eki (道の駅). So I recharged my electronics and sat listening to the Eels get beaten marginally by the Dragons. I was lucky to find a nice bit of grass I pitched my tent on. About 6 or so others were sleeping in the luxury of their cars (it’s actually a super common thing here).

The next day I got up early and decided to do an impromptu hike up a nearby mountain, Mount Nokogiri (鋸山). Strava link here for those interested:

There’s heaps to see up there like temple related.

It’s pretty packed at times on a certain overhanging rock. But when you’re up the top at like 6:30am and none of the trains get there early, so you’re bound to be the only person up there. Unfortunately I was up there in the fog so there wasn’t too much to be seen.

I was also ‘lucky’ enough to find a snake, a wild boar and some tadpoles.


The track was very confusing and I put in minimal effort looking at the maps. So I ended up coming down the wrong side of the mountain and having to walk through tunnels and on the road to get back to my bike.

From Kanaya Ferry Terminal, I took the ferry across to Kurihama so that I didn’t have to ride back through the big smoke. From here I’m off to the infamous Izu Peninsula.


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