The bum under the bridge, Kanagawa

Probably the hottest day on record yet as the ferry docked in at Port Kurihama, so I stopped in at the closest Aeon to strategise. I decided I could make it to the Izu Peninsula (伊豆半島) in roughly 2 days. Izu is renowned for its beaches, snorkelling and other beach activities. As I brought my snorkelling gear, I wanted to get some use out of it.


I made my way along the coastal roads until dinner time came along and just as I got hungry, a wild Shabu Shabu all you can eat restaurant appeared. It was reasonably priced so I figured I’d get my month’s worth of protein in a single hit. To be honest the broth options I selected, spicy and… black something, weren’t all that great.


The meat was okay, but by far the best part was the waffle maker. Pretty sure I had 5 waffles before decided that was enough. To balance out the massive carb intake, I jumped back on the bike and rode further into the night.


As I was riding, some clouds came across and dropped a few small drops of rain. I decided some shelter may be needed for the night even though the forecast said it wasn’t going to rain. It was getting late and I saw a park alongside a river – perfect camp ground. This was the perfect bum campsite; under a bridge, near a river, not too far from the town centre, there was even some graffiti down there. To be honest I was lucky there was any space at all under there.



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