Izu Peninsula (伊豆半島), Shizuoka

After waking up to an empty bottle in a brown paper bag, I grabbed a few power sticks (bananas) from the local and started my journey towards Izu Peninsula (伊豆半島). As mentioned before it’s renowned by the Japanese to have the ‘prettiest’ beaches on the mainland.

I rode my bike just getting out of the city centre when I was turning a corner and still rolling forward a man called out to me from the window of his car. I look over and his arm was stretched out with a water bottle in it. I was a shocked at this gesture but realised I needed to grab it quickly and thank him. I grabbed it and returned him a thankful smile. This point I realised I needed to make some kind of calling/business card for these swift gestures of kindness. Enter: The Travelling Bean Counter’s Business Card.


I was filled with inspiration and went swiftly over the hills and troughs along the coast of Izu to my destination for the day: Kawana Beach. I went for a snorkel in the ocean but didn’t seem to find too many things, although I swear I saw an Omastar…


I went exploring some caves and found about a billion of these weird water bug things. Deciding it was too hot to continue any further, I set up camp for the night and rationed my 2 cans of tuna and 3 carrots for lunch, dinner and tomorrow’s breakfast.


I had my first (and hopefully last) ocean shower. The water temp wasn’t bad or anything but the humidity keeps you moist and even when you finally feel a little dry you feel sticky from all the salt.


As I was camping in a somewhat illegal spot a policeman came over to me early in the morning as I was packing up and said I needed to get out of here because this place is used for ‘fishing activities’. Obviously…


So I went down to my next location in Izu, Futo Harbour (富戸港) and Jogasaki Coastline (城ヶ崎海岸). This is where I saw snake number 4, pretty sure this one is dangerous. Almost ran over him too!


I decided to do the hike / walk along the coastline first and then finish off with a refreshing snorkel. Aw man, it was so hot even when I started at like 6am. On my way to the coast, I happened to cross a little fish market where all the locals were gathering to, I dunno, scavenge? Because all the big fish were taken by this dude with a truck.


The walk was reasonably nice. People say it’s 12kms, but my Strava suggests closer to 8kms. Google rates it like a 4.something out of 5, I went in great weather and still wouldn’t compare it to the likes of Sydney’s eastern coastal walks (especially southern Maroubra), and would give it maybe a 3/5.


I reached a convenience store and stocked up on some much needed food. I caught the train back to Futo station and walked down to the harbour for my snorkel and had a much better time than at Kawana beach. There were actually fish at this spot. I was in there for roughly 20mins before I got too cold and jumped out.


Deciding that wearing a shirt 5 days in a row and no real shower for the last… 4 nights was a little gross, I headed back north out of the sweltering Izu heat and humidity to the closest Sento (like big fancy bathhouse) with an internet cafe nearby.


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