Rest time in Tokyo

Before I started my cycling adventure I was using the app Meetup to go to language exchanges and other events around Tokyo. At the very first one I went to, I met possibly the nicest guy in Japan, who just happens to share a name with the Japanese version of Ash Ketchem: Satoshi.

Satoshi allowed me to stay at his house for an embarrassing amount of time and even allowed me back to rest before climbing Fuji. I was also waiting for the weather to clear up for an amazing experience.

Satoshi basically let me use his house as if it were my own. I was basically just planning my route and other necessities for the rest of my trip. When Satoshi would finish work we’d generally have drinks. I mean, Satoshi would have like 7, I’d be having my standard 1 or 2.

During my resting period I accomplished some amazing feats:

  • Went to a pizza and pasta buffet, twice. At Shakeys (¥1,200 lunch), in a single sitting I demolished 41 slices of pizza, a few bowls of pasta and some salad.
  • I lost my coin wallet whilst playing dragon ball heroes. Only to return 2 hours later to still find it with all the money in it #onlyinjapan
  • Booked my flight home for 15 September to incorporate the watching of a missile launch on Tanegashima Island

Satoshi also organised for us and a few of his friends to let off some fireworks in a local park.

In thanks for all his help over the last few months, I imported a fresh jar of Vegemite for him and a bottle of whiskey. Needless to say he loved them.

Thanks for all your help Satoshi, this trip wouldn’t be the same without you!


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