Road to Nagoya, Aichi

As if unscathed from the Fuuj I pit through a big 100+km leaving the Fuuj in the dust behind me.

People were telling me how bad the roads are for cycling between Tokyo and Nagoya, but I honestly don’t think they’ve cycled there before because it was actually really good for most of the way, with dedicated cycle/walking roads along the coast line. Although beware of the infamous route 1. Quite scary….

I had a shower at a bubbler fountain and slept in a park that night. But it was so humid I barely slept.


The next day I was cycling and saw an interesting looking small mountain, which I have now named boulder mountain as it’s basically one big rock with a bunch of climbing spots. So I did what any other person would do and Honnolded up (Youtube Alex Honnold).

I also happened to pass by Okazaki Castle, the birthplace of Tokugawa Ieyasu. Just as I was pulling into my destination I stumbled into snake number 5.

I found refuge in another park, and again suffered from lack of sleep due to extreme heat and humidity. 27 degrees and 70% humidity… It was doubled by the fact that the blues lost state of origin and the Fed lost to Anderson at Wimbledon. Sigh.

So I got out of my tent at 3am and found a couple doing obscene things in their car. I quickly packed up and went the final stretch to Nagoya.


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