Nagoya, Aichi

I arrived at my couch surfing host’s house for a very early 7am check-in due to starting cycling before the sun was even up. Sumiyo kindly accepted and let me get some actual sleep. Omgggg I had my own room with air-conditioning, it was heaven. Sleeping outside the last few nights in 27 degree heat and 70+% humidity is absolutely horrible. I slept well for the first time since before the Fuji climb – well deserved, I think.

I eventually braved the heat to go to the Toyota commemoratory museum. Who knew that Toyota actually started as a textile business? I sure didn’t.









The museum also has the more renowned and recent Toyota products too.










Nagoya is famous for one of the most delicious dishes on the planet, Miso Katsudon (Pork cutlet covered in miso paste on rice). I had it a few years back and HAD to get some more with my Japanese friend Marina who I met in Sydney maybe 5 years ago.

The next day I planned to get up nice and early and grab a same day ticket for the big sumo tournament. There are 5 of these bad boys a year and if you haven’t seen sumo before, I thought it was pretty cool. Found this guy after a big night in the subway.

A few misconceptions I found online (note all details are obviously for Nagoya, mid way through a tournament on a week day):

  1. Weekdays you can arrive around 7am and still grab a ticket with room to spare.
  2. Ticket cost is ¥2,900 or roughly $30.
  3. It goes ALL day, 9am til 6pm.
  4. You can re-enter once.
  5. You can enter after 9am. I entered around lunch time.
  6. You can meet the sumos close up when they enter at 1:30pm and 3:30pm ish.

I can confirm the seats are very far from the action though.









There also appeared to be a big upset in the final fight. The fans started throwing their pillows onto the ring. A bit un-Japanese I thought.




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