The next morning I enjoyed the aircon for as long as possible before heading to Aeon to get some more of the most delicious ¥100 cinnamon scrolls. Man, these things are addictive.

I then went to another very popular shrine thing I went to 7 years ago. Inari Shrine mountain thing. You know the place with all the red gates.


I’ve grown to learn touristy spots are not for me, and this place is absolutely full of those vibes. Even though I thought it was great 7 years ago, this time was very annoying. So I basically ran up the mountain and back stepping through all the fools.


I set off for Nara in almost 40 degree heat.


Some of these temperatures are the hottest ever recorded in these areas, with people dying from heat stroke, so it’s pretty intense. Especially considering areas nearby were ravaged by floods just a week or so.

I cooked up my first bit of real meat in a very very long time and then strolled around the town once the sun had set.



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