Iya Valley, Shikoku

After another refreshing sleep on the tarmac, I was ready for a ride through Iya Valley.


This valley is absolutely beautiful and I could enjoy it more than ever as I had done all the hard work climbing up to the top of the valley, now I just had to roll down through it taking in the steep mountains and crystal blue waters.


My first stop was at the famous Vine Bridges: Oku-Iya Kazurabashi bridges. I think there’s usually an entrance fee? But because I arrived at like 6am I was able to freely explore the 2 bridges and play on the ‘wild monkey’.

I continued on down the winding slopes of the valley and something interesting caught my eye so I stopped and found a snake with a half eaten frog in its mouth. Nature at its fighting best.


I continued through the 60km valley to an interesting statue:

After a good few hours of downhill I finally reached the bottom of the valley: Yoshino River. I rested here and met up with Wally again to camp the night. We went for a refreshing river shower and had some solid camping dinners: curry vegetable pasta.







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