Super Dragon Ball Heroes (2)

If you missed the greatest article of the blog thus far, here’s a link: Dragon Ball Heroes.

With the incoming typhoon and the need for a solid day of rest, I spent much of the day in an Aeon mall (that’s right, where there are usually Super Dragon Ball Heroes machines).

And after all the 4 or so months I’ve been in Japan now I FINALLY pulled my rarest and most valuable card from the machine: Super Saiyan God Vejitto (ie. Potaro fusion of Vegeta and Goku then SSG).

Bejitto 1Bejitto 2

So I’ve looked up the price of this bad boy online and it’s selling for around ¥5,000 or around $60-70.

EDIT: at 04/08/2018, it is now worth around ¥7,000.



All those ¥100 coins finally starting to pay dividends.

For all those who don’t know, there’s actually a new Dragon Ball series, and yep you guessed it, based from this game. It’s on YouTube to watch for free. The first 2 episodes are out, and you may recognise someone at the end of episode 2 😉

Episode 1 – I think there are English subs around somewhere….


Also after spending so much time at Aeon, I noticed a familiar face at the cinema there. There is a new Dragon Ball Super movie with Broly as the antagonist. However it doesn’t come out until 14 December 2018, and sadly I won’t be in Japan.



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