Hiroshima Part 3 – Baseball

Go the mighty Hiroshima Carp (my new team)

I went with my friend Midori who I showed around Sydney when she came to Sydney the previous year. So she was paying me back by doing the same.

Early into our discussion Midori asked me what I’m most disappointed with during my trip. I think it has been the Ghibli museum I went to in Hiroshima earlier that day. I went to the one in Tokyo and it was really good, but this one was just drawings and posters. Barely any models and almost zero English which didn’t help when they talk about the intricate details of building an aeroplane. Maybe I’ll do a few top 5’s once I finish the trip…

So baseball is a lot more interesting than cricket I think. Not blasphemy, but truth. Everyone in the crowd all have these synchronised chants and songs they sing to cheer on their team and clappy things and EVERYONE wears the team colours. Midori’s dad even let me borrow his uniform – thanks Mr Midori san.

I am now a devoted follower of the Hiroshima Carp. Legends.

Having never watched baseball before, I was surprised with how many rules I knew. All that Simpsons and Wii sports really started kicking in.

Before the game started we went next door to the Costco which…. *drum roll* has the food court outside! So you don’t need a membership and can still get food. I ate like a king.

The game went for roughly 3 hours involving the Carp carving up the Nagoya Dragons like a wet sushi knife through fresh tuna. The score ended 6-2 to the Carps. What a first game.

After the match I decided to take advantage of the cool of night to ride down closer to Itsukushima (Miyajima – you know the big shrine in the water) and slept in the local park.


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