Abandoned Love on the Road to Kyushu

Kyushu (九州) is Japan’s southern most island and my final big 4 island.

On my way from Tsunoshima I planned to visit an abandoned amusement park. However when I arrived it had been completely dismantled.


However not to spoil the fun I noticed what seemed like an abandoned Love Hotel (a normal one, not with spaceships and robots etc – which are actually really rare) so decided to backtrack and have a look.

Introducing Hotel Tina.


It was actually really creepy to walk through by myself, especially with so many spiders everywhere. I don’t think I would manage in the dark.


I saw all the normal things, front desk, rooms, behind the counter, etc.

But was looking for somerhing kind of lewd considering it was a love hotel and just as I was about to leave, bingo.


I grabbed a few as trophies and quickly made my way further south towards Kyushu.

For other abandoned sites you can use this website (Japanese only)


I should check if this hotel is there actually…. It isn’t and ceebs making a post.

Google Map Link


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