Typhoon 20, Kumamoto

I decided to trek it back 20-odd kms to Kumamoto to the closest internet cafe to wait out the incoming Typhoon (20). The ride back was mostly downhill but I knew I would have to come back through Aso area so it did take some serious deliberation.

I pumped in my usual banana and honey sanga and set off.

The first day I basically spent updating my blog and other things. Once I finished though I bought and started playing a game I’ve been thinking about ever since I started the audio books a month or so ago.

At time of writing I’m probably half way through it.

Because there were no box seats available, I slept in the local sports park near the archery practice range. The only danger there were the local youths doing burnouts in the carpark at 3am.

The next day I went back to the internet cafe as the strong winds and rain was still around. But by nightfall I decided to leave and cover some ground back toward Aso mountain.


The next morning I was woken at 5am by some old man playing golf in the park I was sleeping in, so I quickly packed up and went into Takamori Tunnel Park (高森湧水トンネル公園).







Really cool place.








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