Cape Sata (佐多岬) – Mission Complete (任務を成し遂げる)

Cape Sata (佐多岬, Sata Misaki) is the southernmost point of the mainland of Japan and my main objective.


With overwhelming joy, I can say after 8hours of solid riding, +2,000m of elevation (1,300m of which was in the final 30kms) and a completed Halo audiobook, I managed to roll into Cape Misaki blaring my motivation playlist with an exhausted sense of accomplishment.



To be honest I really don’t remember much of the ride as I was so focused on getting to the goal. ‘Almost there’ ‘just a little further’ ‘you’re almost home’ 何回こんなことって言っていたかな.


I went for a bit of a walk and snorkel around the area and encountered a few friendly locals.

I do look like a hobo, hey

This has been one of the longest and hardest challenges I’ve ever set myself. After +6,500kms and +400 hours of riding and 80,000m in elevation, I have finally managed to complete the main section of my bicycle trip throughout Japan.

On my way down I ran into another guy doing a similar trip but he had just started the previous day. All the best to him 🙂


However, like all good games (Diablo 2 – Secret Cow Level, Pokemon – Catch ’em all, Zelda: Ocarina of time – The Quest for Biggoron’s Sword, etc), even though the main mission has been accomplished, I have unlocked some bonus missions before my return to Australia (even though I really want to go home now).

I have been bestowed upon 3 final duties:

  • Climb mini mount Fuji – Kaimondake
  • Save Princess Mononoke trapped in the forests of Yakushima
  • Protect the rocket launch on Tanegashima

Once I complete these tasks I think I’ll consider Japan 100% complete and be completely happy with my efforts.


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