Bonus Map 2 – Yakushima

After being delayed by the Typhoon, I eventually made it to Yakushima, which is basically famous for being the inspiration for the setting of the Ghibli movie: Princess Mononoke (もののけ姫).

On the first day I decided to check out a beach as half the day was already over, the ferry (the one you can take your bicycle on) takes about 3 hours and leaves at 8:30am. I went to Isso beach which looks okay.

But the real crowd puller is the chance to see some turtles. I Snorkelled here at the normal beach and saw nothing.

But you have to go over to the other side of the peninsula to see the bad boys.

I then rode 20ish kms to my hostel near the airport. To be honest I wasn’t so impressed. It was like jumping back 50 years. The owner was very nice but holy bloody smoke she worries wayyyy too much. Wasted liie 2hours of my time saying I can’t possible do ‘that’ and ‘this way is better’. Then she wants you to fill out all these hiking detail things. My real mum doesn’t worry anywhere near that much. So I really wanted just to get away.

This was actually my birthday night and although I met a nice person or 2 I kind of just wanted to be alone and pity myself. I was lonely and just wanted my gf, friends and family more than ever. I’m actually so over travelling now I wish I booked my original flight home on my bday.

So the next morning was bloody pouring down and I rode my bike the dumb way up to Shiratani Usuikyo (kanji), this is basically the forest-like setting of the movie. It was just as expected, really great so I’m glad I put myself back into gear and went.

Saw some made trees

And rocks

I slept in the mountain hut (山小屋) for the night.

The next morning I hiked through the green moss forest and the beautiful cedar forests to Jomon Sugi (Kanji) which is believed to be the oldest tree in Japan. Usually I would say things that are so super hyped up are usually a disappointment, but this is for once not the case. Even with the rain and some crowds it was still worth the effort, really.


no idea why this one turned out so green

made some comparisons to Princess Mononoke environment as well:

I finally remembered to strap my camera to my bike on the very last mountain to make a video. This is definitely the best part of going up a mountain.

I snorkeled away the next day with some more turtles and baby clown fish. I made a new baby turtle friend and called him flappy because he was still kind of learning how to swim and was flappin about like a sausage. Then made my way to the final bonus map: Tanegashima.



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