Bonus Map 2 – Yakushima

After being delayed by the Typhoon, I eventually made it to Yakushima, which is basically famous for being the inspiration for the setting of the Ghibli movie: Princess Mononoke (もののけ姫). On the first day I decided to check out a beach as half the day was already over, the ferry (the one you can take … Continue reading Bonus Map 2 – Yakushima


The Real Story of Amaterasu, Takachiho Gorge

Today I went to one of the most famous and ancient shrines in all of Japan and found they had the story dead WRONG. Japan Guide Extract Takachiho Shrine (高千穂神社, Takachiho Jinja) The town of Takachiho is the site of one of the most important and well known legends of Japanese mythology. In the story, … Continue reading The Real Story of Amaterasu, Takachiho Gorge

Bonus Map 1: Kaimondake (Mini Mount Fuji), Kagoshima

I had read all about this mountain and was extremely keen to climb it. Probably just 3 minutes in, I was already completely drenched in sweat, mostly due to the start being extremely humid and somewhat like a rainforest. The rest of the hike was mostly scrambling over slippery, mossy rocks. So I didn't really … Continue reading Bonus Map 1: Kaimondake (Mini Mount Fuji), Kagoshima

Cape Sata (佐多岬) – Mission Complete (任務を成し遂げる)

Cape Sata (佐多岬, Sata Misaki) is the southernmost point of the mainland of Japan and my main objective. With overwhelming joy, I can say after 8hours of solid riding, +2,000m of elevation (1,300m of which was in the final 30kms) and a completed Halo audiobook, I managed to roll into Cape Misaki blaring my motivation … Continue reading Cape Sata (佐多岬) – Mission Complete (任務を成し遂げる)