Off-road touring, Mount Fuppushi hike and a ferry ride to Hachinohe, Aomori

The next morning the skies cleared and some sun rays shone through the clouds. Time for an improv hike, but of course after a bit of off road touring.


Through mud, sand, rivers. I was feeling good with the new setup.

There was even a cycling road once I arrived back to normal roads. However it was crowded with about a million school kids. So I jumped back on the road.


I smashed some tuna sangas before striding off up Mount Fuppushi. You can find the route in my strava.

I was determined to set a mad time and set a new Strava segment. Too bad even after half killing myself up the hill I still got second… Just. Even though all the online guides said it would take 5 hours return (short hike, but averages like 40% incline). I managed to go up and back in 1.5 hours. Sigh. Anyway the view would’ve been amazing if there wasn’t so much low cloud. Just below this you could see some though.

日本一周中 – All Around Japan (in the middle of doing)

After that, I rode into Tomakomai along another amazing cycle path. Why aren’t these things mapped anywhere??? I went to the net cafe I slept at before and remade the Map and the stats pages until I had to go catch my ferry to Hachinohe. Price was… ¥6,500 ($75ish) including my bike. The ferry was pretty fancy as it had a bathroom similar to an onsen. I booked the cheapest room which was just sleeping in a big lounge room with a bunch of other randos. It wasn’t the most comfortable trip ever, truth be told.


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